Ya Ali MADAD To All Momineens


 Talagang City which is located in distric Chakwal Punjab.

The Azadari e Mazloom Hussain (A.S)  held here  long time ago  before the establishment of Pakistan, since from 1860 the azadari was held there by Syed bawa Abdullah shah(late) and they promted azadari in that region in very well manners and Syed Habib Shah (Late) discovered the routes of jaloos and his contributions is also very much to Talagang Azadari and the now 75% of its area is alhmdolilah covered by majority of shian haider e kararan.The founder of Azadari e Mzloom from 1920 was well known by all and was Nazim Mimber of all big jalsas of majlais in all over the Pakistan was Bawa Syed Tasaduq Hussain Shah(late) who  died in  2001 and was burried in markazi eid gah shrif talagang.The 1st License Holder Jaloos Of Talagang was Syed Ijaz Abbas(Late)


There are 5 old imam bargahs  in Talagang and  Azadari e Mazloom has been continued  in well manners.On every shahdat or Zahoor there is jashan and majlis,which take place.  And almost every second day  majlis are held by  famous Allamas,and Zakireen from all over the World,and do their duties.